Akosombo International School Prospectus

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In this article, we walk you through the prospectus of Akosombo International School also known as AIS. In previous writeups we discussed a general overview of the school, the courses run, contact details and relevant details. You can click here to read more on that.

Do you want to enroll your ward at one of the finest international schools in Ghana? Akosombo International School has cemented its relevancy and has been on top of the elite’s lists when we talk of good international schools in Ghana offering quality basic and Senior High School education.

This post will be useful if your child has gained admission to the school but you’re clueless about what should be on the prospectus list. Also parents making preparations or having future plans of enrolling their wards at this school will find this prospectus list useful.


NOTE: This is not an officially published prospectus list by the management of the Akosombo International School. It is a general prospectus we think might be useful to any Senior High School student in Ghana.


Akosombo International School Prospectus

Like other Senior High Schools in Ghana, all first-year students mostly are to purchase some list of items to aid in smooth stay whiles in school.

AIS list of items on their prospectus does not differ so much from other international schools in Ghana. Therefore, you can use this as a template to get the prospectus for other schools such as Opoku Ware, Accra Academy and so on.

See below the list of items needed for every first-year student. Note: you forfeit admission if you fail to present the items listed below.

  • Dressing code: this has been well elaborated in the student’s handbook as prescribed by management
  • Hair styling: students are expected to keep their hair short/cut and tidy at all times. It’s only under special circumstances that one will be allowed to keep his or her hair.
  • Food stuffs

Although students will be fed three times a day, it is important they get additional food stuffs to supplement it. Below is the list of food stuffs you can include in your chop box.

    • Shito
    • Gari
    • Groceries such as
    • Biscuits
    • corn flakes
    • milk
    • powdered milk
    • milo
    • Sugar
    • and other related food stuffs
  • Stationaries

As a first-year students, you need to get some books and other stationeries to aid in your academic pursuits whiles in the school. See a list of all the stationeries required by first year students.

    • Mathematical set
    • Scientific calculator
    • The holy bible. Quran if you are a Muslim
    • English dictionary
    • French dictionary for students with French elective subjects
    • Brown papers. These will be used to cover the back of all exercise books
    • Passport-sized photography. Background has not been specified
    • Clear photocopy of your B.E.C.E results
    • Clear photocopy of biometric birth certificate
    • Methodist Hymn book. Can be bought in the school

  • Visiting hours

Visiting hours are clearly stated in the school’s handbook. Hand books will be given to students on arrival at the campus. No extra cost is charged as they have been included in the admission fees.

  • Prohibited items



The items in the prospectus listed above are subjected to change as the school’s management reserves the right to update it without prior notice.

It is always advisable to contact Akosombo International School’s management if you need clarifications. All items listed are approved for use by the Ghana Education Service.

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