Air Duct Cleaning Before And After Pics

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Considering how air ducts appear in several areas within homes, it is necessary to have them cleaned once awhile. Air ducts are likely to become polluted with particles of dust or other debris. Are you familiar with the meaning of air ducts?

Well, air ducts are tubes that connect the HVAC system with air vents throughout the house. More will be talked about air ducts and air ducts cleaning in the subsequent sections of this post. 

Going through the entire post, you will come across: 

  • Details About Air Ducts (types, uses and more)
  • Details About Air Duct Cleaning (measures, factors, cost and more)
  • Air Duct Cleaning Before And After Pictures

Details About Air Ducts

What Is An Air Duct?

An Air Duct is a conduit or channel that connects the HVAC system with air vents throughout the house. HVAC systems pull in air thru an input venthole where they either heat or cool that air.

What Are The Types Of Ducts?

There are three types of ducts and these are: 

  • Rigid Ducting
  • Semi-Rigid Ducting
  • Flexible Ducting

What Does An Air Duct Do?

Air Ducts are channels or tubes that pass out warm or cool air to ventilate, heat and cool rooms.

Another Name For An Air Duct 

An Air Duct is sometimes called: HVAC ductwork Or AC ducts. 

Difference Between Air Duct And Vent

Laypersons usually term air duct cleaning as “vent cleaning” however, there are vast differences between the duo.

One notable difference is that, air ducts are vast system (that are mostly made up of) metal tubes that run from a furnace across homes, passing out heated or cooled air but, vents are basically the points where the ducts open into the house.

Details About Air Duct Cleaning

There are more information to be discovered about Air Duct Cleaning. A lot of people are now conversant of the fact that, indoor air pollution is an issue to be well tackled.

Obviously, several organizations are marketing products and services meant to improve the quality of indoor air. 

Cost Or Price Of Air Duct Cleaning

The cost or price of air duct cleaning is dependent on the following factors: the size of the system to be cleaned, accessibility of the system, climatic region and level of contamination. 

Since the cost of air duct cleaning differs from one service provider to the other, we will update you with their exact costs later.

Air Duct Cleaning Before And After Pictures

Duct cleaning basically implies the cleaning of several heating and cooling system components of forced air systems. 

You might be wondering how air duct cleaning will transform your home. There are some pictures here for you to see. Air Duct Cleaning Before And After Pics 2


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