Adolf Galland Cause of Death: Full Details

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Adolf Galland was a German Luftwaffe general and flying ace who was born on March 19, 1912. He served through the Second World War in Europe. He fought on the Western Front and in the Defence of the Reich.

It is worth noting that on four different occasions, there were attempts to shoot him dead. Adolf Galland was credited with 104 aerial victories against the Western Allies.
He became a glider pilot in 1929.

Later on, he worked with Lufthansa and in 1932, he graduated as a pilot. He applied to join the Reichswehr of the Weimar Republic but even though his offer was accepted, he did not take up the offer.

Adolf Galland was subsequently moved to the Luftwaffe in 1934 and in 1937 during the Spanish Civil War, he decided to volunteer for the Condor Legion. After a tour in 1938, Adolf Galland was given a job in the Air Ministry.

His job was to write doctrinal and technical manuals about his experiences as a ground-attack pilot.Adolf Galland was honored with the Knight’s Cross of the Iron Cross with Oak Leaves and Swords and Diamonds.

With the passage of time, Adolf Galland had issues with Hermann Goring and it affected their friendship or relationship. Their relationship went sour when Adolf Galland was relieved of his command He was placed under house arrest.

Adolf Galland Cause of Death

Adolf Galland died on February 9, 1996. This was after he had returned to Germany to manage his own business. In early February 1996, Galland was taken seriously ill. He had wanted to die at home and so was released from hospital and returned to his own house.


Adolf Galland was the second of four sons. His parents were Adolf Galland snr and Ana. Adolf Galland’s father was a land manager and bailiff to the Count von Westerholt. Adolf Galland’s older brother was Fritz and his two younger brothers were Wilhelm Ferdinand and Paul.


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