Adamo Singer Cause of Death: Full Details

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Adamo was born on November 1, 1943, and can be described as a Belgian-Italian musician, singer and composer. He was born in  Comiso, Sicily, Italy, and he is widely known for his romantic ballads.

He has stayed in Belgium since age three. His parents are Antonio, a  colliery worker in the mines of Marcinelle and Concetta. Adamo. Adamo got bedridden in 1956 due to meningitis. He had his education at a Catholic school.

While in school, Adamo was exceptional in music and the arts.
As of 1964, Adamo was the world’s best-selling artist behind The Beatles. It can be stated that throughout his career as a musician, singer and composer, he has been able to sell over 80 million albums and 20 million singles worldwide.

As a matter of fact, he is the best-selling Belgian artist of all time and has been very successful as a commercial artist.

The popularity of Adamo covers Europe, the Middle East, Latin America, Japan, and the United States. Even though Adamo normally sings in French, it must be noted that he also sings in Italian, Dutch, English, German, Spanish, Japanese, and Turkish.

The likes of “Tombe la neige”, “La nuit”, “Vous permettez, Monsieur ?”, “Inch’Allah” and “C’est ma vie” can be said to be some of his best-known songs across the world.

Adamo Singer Cause of Death

Adamo in 1984 suffered heart problems and as such, underwent heart bypass surgery. He has been an honorary UNICEF ambassador from Belgium since 1993 and has visited countries such as Vietnam, Lebanon, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Afghanistan and others.

Due to ill health with respect to his heart problems in 2004, he canceled a tour but resumed in 2007. There are no reports to substantiate the death of Adamo.

However, the news about the death of Adamo has been trending online but there are no facts to back that news. So for now, Adamo is still alive.

Adamo Singer Awards and Honours

Over the years, Adamo singer has received so many awards.

Some of these awards are Dutch Edison Award: 1964 (album Vous Permettez Monsieur?), French Miden trophy: 1965, 1966, 1967, Zamu Music Award for his entire career: 2002, Grand Prix international de poésie francophone by Société des poètes et artistes de France: 2010, Victoires de la Musique Lifetime achievement award: 2014as well  as Octaves de la Musique (fr) Lifetime achievement award: 2014.

Others are Grands prix SACEM: 2017, D6bels Music Awards (fr) Prix d’Honneur: 2018, Premio Tenco (it): 2018, Vagonate di vinile award of the Associazione Vinile Italiana: 2018 and SABAM Lifetime achievement award: 2023.

The Honours to his credit include Honorary citizen of Jemappes: 1966, Ville de Jemappes Silver Medal: 1973, UNICEF ambassador: 1993, Created Knight Adamo by Royal Decree, with devise Humbly but with dignity: 2001, Honorary citizen of Montreal, Canada: 2002, Honorary citizen of Mons, Belgium: 2002, Honorary citizen of Comiso, Italy: 2002, Bronzen Zinneke: 2003, Honorary citizen of Paris, France: 2005, Honorary citizen of Uccle, Belgium: 2010, Radio 2 Hall of Fame: 2014 and Doctorat honoris causa University of Mons: 2014.

Adamo Singer Marriage

Adamo was married to Nicole and they had Anthony, Benjamin and Amélie as their children.

Adamo‘s father died through drowning on August 7, 1966. Adamo’s sister,Délizia was also a recording artist

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