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Established in 2007, the Abrantie College of Creative Arts is the institution that teaches a number courses in the creative arts industry such as fashion and design, makeup among many others.

Often, you will hear Abrantie School of fashion. Unfortunately, there is nothing like that in existence. It is the Abrantie College of Creative Arts that reference is being made to when you hear this.

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The Abrantie College of Creative Arts is a member of the Abrantie Group; which is a group of 3 companies all in the hospitality industry.

The Abrantie College of Creative Arts handles the education of individuals interested in acquiring skills in fashion design through a fashion design program.  It is currently accredited by COTVET, GES, NVTI & TEU and Affiliated to GNAPVTI, FEPTAG, GNAGM & P-CABAG. The institution has been operating for fifteen years.

Courses on Offer at Abranteie College of Creative Arts

The Abrantie College of Creative Arts offers in total, four (4) full-time courses. These are;

  • Fashion and Design
  • Hair Technology
  • Beauty Therapy
  • Cosmetology

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However, the college also offers short programs or what they have labelled as Skill Enhancement Courses. They are less extensive versions of the Fashion and Design, Hair Technology, and Beauty Therapy full-time courses.

However, the focus of this article is specifically on their fashion and design course and its schedule of fees. As stated earlier, Fashion and Design is one of the full-time courses offered at the institute.

It is also a part of the few short courses that the Abrantie College of Creative Arts offers.

Students who are enrolled into the full-time Fashion and Design course get to learn a number of skills relevant to the field of making clothing to the specification of their clients.

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These skills as advertised on the college’s website (Free Hand Cutting, Patten Drafting, Bag Making, Shoe Making, Dress Making, Embroidery, and Beading) are intended to give the students the capacity to produce the following items of clothing; fascinators, suit/jacket, trousers, shirts, skirts, and bridal wears.

How to Apply

If you are interested in applying to the Abrantie College of Creative Arts to study Fashion and Design as a full-time course, there is a simple admission form that must be filled. This form is available on the college’s website and does not require much effort to complete as it is not more than a page.

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On the form, the individual is required to supply some personal information such as their name, place of residence, and contact information. Of the four full-time courses provided on the form, the applicant is required to pick one.

Finally, they are required to indicate the type of study they prefer; whether the regular full-time courses or the short skills enhancement courses.

The Abrantie College of Creative Arts presently has two branches in the country. One is located in Accra whilst the other is located in Tamale. Applicant has the option to choose between either of the two in their application.

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The official account of Abrantie College of Creative Arts is reported on their Facebook page  to state that the fees for both the short courses and full-time courses range between four hundred (400.00) Ghana Cedis and five thousand (5,000.00)Ghana Cedis.

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