3D Tiles Price In Ghana, Full Details

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Are you looking for 3D Tiles to buy for your project? Then this is the right place to be. In this article, we at Ghana Insider will be taking you through the price of 3D tiles in Ghana. Before we get into the price of 3D tiles in Ghana allow us to tell you something more about 3D tiles you probably didn’t know about.  

About 3D Tiles 

3D Tiles are designed for streaming and rendering massive 3D geospatial content such as Photogrammetry, 3D Buildings, BIM/CAD, Instanced Features, and Point Clouds. It defines a hierarchical data structure and a set of tile formats that deliver renderable content.

3D tiles are primarily made of porcelain material, which is considered highly durable. These tiles are resistant to stains, scratches and damage and can be maintained very easily.

The 3D effect that these tiles create is in-built and doesn’t get worn off. The 3D tiles price is reasonable considering the special look that these tiles provide to your spaces.

Spaces where 3D Tiles can be used 

3D can be used for many projects. Some of them include:

  • Kitchen decoration
  • Bedroom decoration
  • Bathroom decoration
  • Hall decoration
  • Living room decoration

3D Tiles Price In Ghana

Anybody can get 3D tiles for their homes or offices. 3D Tiles are very affordable in Ghana, irrespective of how low your budget is. The price of 3D tiles in Ghana ranges between GHS 50.00 to GHS 190.00.  

Where To Buy Your 3D Tiles In Ghana

Buying 3D tiles shouldn’t be a cumbersome process at all. You can check out the price of 3D tiles and order yours today anywhere you in Ghana at any of the websites listed below: 

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