2.5mm Cable Price In Ghana

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Cables are important parts of our everyday lives because they let us send electrical power and messages. In Ghana, the 2.5mm wire is one of the most common sizes used in a wide range of settings, from home and business wiring to cars and factories.

This piece will look at how much 2.5mm cables cost in Ghana right now and tell you where you can buy them.

The 2.5mm cable is a standard size for electrical cables. It has a cross-sectional area of 2.5mm2, which makes it good for installations that need to carry more power. This kind of cable is often used for lighting circuits, plugs, and small electrical tools.

2.5mm Cable Price In Ghana

Pricing Factors

The price of 2.5mm wires in Ghana can be affected by a number of things, such as:

1. Different companies: Different companies make cables with different amounts of quality and performance, which affects how much they cost. Brands with a good name for quality and reliability, like Nexans, Prysmian, and Trasacco, often charge more.

2. Material: The price of a wire can also depend on what kind of material was used to make it. Copper costs more than aluminium because it is a better conductor of energy. The cost can also be affected by the materials used for padding and covering.

3. Length: The more money a wire costs, the longer it is. This is because making longer lengths takes a bigger amount of material.

4. Retailer: Different stores may charge different prices for 2.5mm cables, based on things like where they are, how much it costs them to run their business, and how much competition there is in the market.

Changes in the world market for raw materials like copper and aluminium can cause changes in the prices of cables.

Current Prices of 2.5mm Cables in Ghana

2.5mm Cable Price In Ghana

The table below gives you an idea of how much different kinds of 2.5mm cables in Ghana cost. Please remember that these prices can change and may be different at different stores.

Type of 2.5mm Cable Price (GHS) per meter*
Single Core Copper 8 – 10
Single Core Aluminum 6 – 8
Twin and Earth Copper 15 – 20
Twin and Earth Aluminum 12 – 16
Three Core Copper (Flexible) 25 – 30
Three Core Aluminum (Flexible) 20 – 24
Armoured Copper 40 – 50
Armoured Aluminum 35 – 45


Where to Buy 2.5mm Cables in Ghana

In Ghana, there are many places where you can buy 2.5mm wires. Some of the most common choices are:

1. Electrical shops: There are a lot of electrical shops all over the country, especially in Accra, Kumasi, and Tamale, which are the largest towns. There are many different kinds of 2.5mm wires from different brands in these stores.

2. Online retailers: As online shopping becomes more popular in Ghana, many e-commerce sites have sprung up that make it easy to buy 2.5mm cords. Popular places to find and compare cable prices are websites like Jumia, Tonaton, and OLX.

3. Wholesalers: If you need a lot of 2.5mm cables, it may be cheaper to buy them from a supplier instead of a retailer. Wilkins Engineering, Anointed Electricals, and Power & Co. Engineering are three of Ghana’s most well-known suppliers. Most of the time, these businesses offer discounts for buying in bulk, which makes them a good choice for contractors and big projects.

4. Manufacturer outlets: Some cable companies have stores or authorised distributors in Ghana where you can buy their goods straight from the source. This can be a good way to make sure that the wires you buy are real and of good quality. Nexans Kabelmetal Ghana Limited and Tropical Cable and Conductor Limited are two examples of these places.

5. Hardware shops: There are also a lot of 2.5mm cables in Ghana’s general hardware stores. Even though they may not have as much wire as specialised electrical shops, hardware stores can be useful if you only need a small amount.

2.5mm Cable Price In Ghana


In many electrical systems in Ghana, the 2.5mm cable is an important part. Prices for these cables can vary a lot based on things like brand, material, length, and where they are sold. By looking at the different places to buy cables, like local electrical shops, online retailers, and wholesalers, you can find the best deals and make sure you get high-quality cables for your job.

When picking cables, keep in mind that price is important, but it’s also important to put safety and quality first. Make sure that the wires you buy meet the necessary safety standards and are right for your needs. Happy shopping!



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