Cost Of Roofing A 3 Bedroom House In Ghana (Full Guide)

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Thank you for visiting to find out how much it will cost you to roof a 3-bedroom house. In today’s article, we will make you understand every detail about the topic and even broaden your mind on the real estate industry in Ghana.

Real estate in Ghana is booming right now, which means that the developers of these estates are making a lot of money. However, one question that these developers haven’t answered very well is whether they’re inflating the prices of their houses or giving us the proper price for the house.

Well, the question will be ignored by these developers because the prices of their houses are for sale on the market in dollars, and comparing the dollar to the cedi tells us that one will need a massive income to buy such houses. One will also argue that the price of the land on which such houses are built is also very expensive, so individuals who are willing to leave in luxury houses and also in the city where you are close to Accra mall, the airport, and a university will be ignored by these developers.

A Three-bedroom house in east legon will go for 300,000 dollars and that is the least price you can get in the area with no swimming pool, also a five-bedroom house in Accra airport residential area with swimming pool will go for one million dollars.

What are the features of a three-bedroom apartment in Ghana?

For a 3-bedroom bungalow, here are the few elements and their dimensions
A 3 Bedrooms of 3600mm x 3600mm in size, 3 toilets (each in a very room), a nice kitchen consisting of a store, a dining room, a living room.

You should also keep in mind that this estimate is subject to alter as market prices for materials rise and fall. As a result, there could have been some pricing fluctuations.

Below is an estimate for Cost of roofing a 3 bedroom house in Ghana

Roof Truss = GH¢ 7,300 (Includes workmanship)
Roofing Sheets= GH¢ 3,000 (Long Span Roofing sheet)
Ceiling = GH¢ 3,000 (PVC Ceiling – I prefer the normal asbestos ceiling though)
Total cost for Roofing 3 Bedroom Bungalow will be approximately GH¢ 13,500

Some people do spend more than the above estimate due to the kind of roofing they want and how nice they want their roof to look.

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